Pre check-In

Now you can personalize your Guest Experience at your hotel with KePSLA 

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Improve customer experience and offer personalized services with KePSLA new Pre Check-in email services. A good percentage of guests do not like to call or make a conversation for their requirements in the hotel or room. KePSLA’s Pre Check-in email services allow the guest to take a survey and provide their requirements to the hotel […]


[WEBINAR RECAP] How to grow ADR and RevPAR by improving guest experience.

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In the changing landscape of the hospitality industry, Average Daily Rate (ADR) and RevPAR are the two most important indicators for hoteliers to measure their performance. Hotel guests have proved time and time again that their feedback can make or break the hotel’s revenue. The only way in which the hotels can increase their revenue […]

How to build a perfect tech stack for your hotel?

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Today’s hospitality industry depends very heavily on technology for all activities. Technology has overtaken day to day operations so much that the software that provides you with a competitive edge today can become a necessity tomorrow. A study showed that in 2015 on average 4.9% of hotel revenue was allocated to the IT budget vs. […]

Net Promoter Score & how it improves your Hotel Feedback Management

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Did you know? By asking a single question, you can track & understand your promoters and detractors, thus producing a clear measure of your hotel’s performance from your Guest’s perspective. Studies show that companies with higher than average Net Promoter Score (NPS) achieve two times long-term profitable growth. NPS is based on the fact that […]