Use KePSLA Travel Recommendation Engine to empower online shopping experience and inventory merchandising

Online Travel businesses can now leverage on global customer sentiments to offer the right match of hotels based on personas, customer preferences and nature of trip.

Personalize hotel booking process and boost customer decisions

Enhance hotel search and book processes through our integrated travel recommendation platform that drives and simplifies decision making based on customer reviews and sentiment values.

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Core Features

Persona Based Search

Customer reviews and sentiment scores are segmented based on booker types & personas to deliver the right fit of hotel inventory and preference match.

Sentiment Analysis & Recommendation Algorithms

Big data of customer reviews aggregated globally are processed by the Travel Recommendation Platform to generate scores and values for a very large and diverse set of hospitality parameters that act as promoters or detractors for travel recommendations and rankings of hotels.

Semantic Search

Deploy semantic suggestions based on customer review verdicts, recommendations & keyword usage frequency to offer intuitive search options.

Global Review Summaries

Well defined review summaries in our Hotel Recommendation Engine separating the good and bad mentions gives the customer a clear cut decision making lead and an educated shopping experience.

Quality Score Widget

Display the KePSLA Quality Widget on your site. This shows a single quality score from data taken from over 140 different content sites written by your customer.

Multiple Search Parameters

Search can be driven by themes, gender, traveller type, age etc.


Customize Content Display Per Persona

Review snippets and results in the Travel Recommendation Platform can be altered to suit the persona of the booker to ensure smarter display of content thus ensuring better conversion.

Optimize Search To Book Time

Our Travel Recommendation Platform ensures you don’t lose out on potential customers who abandon their shopping decisions due to long and tedious search to book processes.

Simple To Integrate And Use

OTA web and mobile applications can flexibly empower search widgets, inventory pages and booking pages with API calls delivering hotel inventory results based on KePS Index.

Complete Flexibility In Managing Key ‘Aspects’

Weightage on sentiment aspects are flexible and can be changed as per the type of hotel and its features with KePSLA Travel Recommendation Platform.

Quick And Easy To Deploy Platform

Simple and easy ways to deploy the Travel Recommendation Platform makes it easier for OTAs to implement the solution across all search to book events.

Key Performance Index (KPI)

KePSLA Semantic Engine analyses reviews based on customer sentiment values tagged to hospitality performance metrics & references / mentions within a review.

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