Woman Traveler Trends

Growth of Women Travellers Around the World

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Women Travel Trends

Women are stepping out on their day to day activities for reaching out to luxurious vacations, relaxing in a spa treatment and spending most of their money not on expensive jewellery but on an active adventure spree.

A woman is always the decision maker, they prefer to schedule an end to end destination plan. They consider all the end to end factors of their travel that include early flight bookings to pre-informed hotelier about the number of days of stay along with the preference in food. This is challenging the travel industry to reconsider their marketing strategies and make a designated segment by creating customised campaigns, communication and services specifically for women. Women are choosing adventure campaigns over materialistic freedom and they don’t mind going solo. There is a 230% increase in “women-only” travel companies in past six years.

91% of the women conduct a lot of research before they take a decision on buying a product, 92% of the women are willing to pay more for a product with good, positive reviews and 67% of the women are less likely to purchase a product with negative reviews. There is a higher percentage of women who religiously leave a review in a hotel or a restaurant they have stayed. Apparently, this is just not enough! Women are looking for more specific details that fall under varied personas, which could be “safety”, “adventure camps” or even a hotel that suggests a designated “make-up” oriented room for weddings. This would directly impact the hoteliers and OTA’s with increased business and further innovations and empowerment towards a new business strategy.

There are a lot of OTA’s and other similarly related businesses that have come up with persona-wise reviews and snippets that help travellers to make their travel plans. KePSLA’ s travel recommendation goes beyond the traditional personas to offer deeper insights on each traveller’s requirements based on user reviews.

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