Make this Holiday Season worth remembering for your Patrons!

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The holiday season is just around the corner and with more tourists expected to flock over the coming months, how can the Travel and Hospitality industry seize up this seasonal opportunity?


Seize the Season!

Create marketing campaigns that embraces the season. It doesn’t matter where your property is located, whether it is amidst the scenic hills or in Ibiza since it’s a holiday season. Determine what exactly attracts potential guests to your hotel property which can be used to appeal to the guests desire and senses for a wonderful holiday.

Understanding the customers emotions for a hotelier’s point of view makes it easy for the customer to visualize their dream vacation at your property.


Seasonal Holiday Activities

Its known fact that not all rides, games or any such activities are available throughout the year. Hence, the hoteliers can tie up with the local suppliers or team up with people who do these activities full fledged so that the discounted prices are available for the guests in the hotel during the holiday season.

By creating offers that full fill the desires of your guests, you will be able to increase your bookings this holiday season – and create a great reputation for your hotel at the same time.

This could also increase the recommendations, since there is nothing like the awesome vacation that the guests will want to spread the word, that they had a wonderful stay and amazing time.


Offer competitive rates!

As the festive season approaches, so does the woes of people to make last moment travel plans.

It’s a known fact that rates skyrocket during the holiday season, whether it is flights or the hotels. Hotels can give competitive discounts and seasonal offers to attract the budget conscious tourists!


It’s time to party now!

Every vacation puts guest into festive party mood, so consider giving potential guests the “PARTY TIME!”  So, to promote these kind of parties, you create a weekend package which may be a two-night stay or an exclusive offer to attend festive theme parties. Parties with the right decors like continental or an seasonal theme will up-sell the parties and the location as well.


Use Technology to optimize online bookings

By listing your hotel on many online travel portals as possible, you are increasing the number of people eyeing your hotel exponentially and thus increasing your online bookings. Technology is the best way to increase  your hotel’s  online presence in high traffic holiday season.

Since its almost impossible to handle large number of online channels manually, Channel Managers come into picture. Channel Managers help your online bookings to be up to date in your hotel’s reservation system automatically, in fact no reservations will be missed or lost. This real time connection also helps prevent over booking.

Not to forget the most important optimization – Optimize your hotel website using a sophisticated online booking system the enables booking, search availability and payments in just few clicks.


Not to forget the local guests.

Cannot ignore the presence of guests who are looking for an awesome staycation. Offering the locals discounts on table reservations to a restaurant that hard to get a table or a concert that’s getting sold out soon will make them feel special.


In Summary, make sure to leverage the holiday season by planning and cross-promoting holiday marketing efforts across all channels


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