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deeppulse partnership

KePSLA’s Partnership with DeepPulse!

Good content on an OTA or Hotel website goes a long way in helping the hotel stand of the crowd. In our continuing pursuit to deliver cutting edge technology to the hospitality industry, KePSLA has partnered with DeepPulse to provide a suite of solutions to dynamically personalize the content on... read more →
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Factors tht affect Traveller Booking Patterns

Factors that affect Traveller Booking Patterns

The act of planning a trip or booking a hotel stay is often a result of a long search procedure for travellers. Due to a growing amount of resources, making decisions and non-linear purchases are increasing rapidly. Digital platforms and multi-device usage continue to evolve and influence travellers in all... read more →
Sep 13
Different ways to improve Guest Satisfaction

Different ways to improve Guest Satisfaction!

Guest satisfaction should be a top priority at any given point of time for hoteliers, irrespective of whether they are managing a large chain of luxury hotels or an intimate property in the woods. Your guests are the most powerful marketing tool for your property. Consider that your guests have... read more →
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