Nov 11

Booking Experiences and how we could improve them (PT 1/3)

A technically good website with great pricing, discounts or cash backs may not necessarily mean good business. What matters also is how your online retail presence is accentuated with a compelling visual experience that can ensure that your customers see what they like and thus get inspired into buying your product.

Cliched as it may sound, a picture speaks a thousand words. 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. Much of internet consumer research has stressed the importance placed on images, videos and their relevance to the bookers. Some analysts have even gone to the extent of saying that 70+% of consumers place visual appearance to be a critical part of the booking decision.

As an online travel retailer, while you have cracked the art of ensuring the best-in-class ARI (availability/rate/inventory) solutions, this blog tries to stress on how visual experience with enhanced image and video can be a key differentiator between a looker and a booker.

Your traveler is booking hotels for many reasons. Not every trip to Goa is to party at the Baga nor every trip to Paris is to be near Champ de Mars. Not every trip to Tirupati could be to visit the temple or to Vegas to chance the slot machines.

Our technologies are now able to identify the reason for travel and hyper personalize every aspect of the search experience. In this article, we briefly talk about how we have taken image tagging to the next level.

KePSLA’s image recognition solution can identify over 44,000 images, largely related to the hotel & hospitality industry. From figuring out the number of beds and baby cots in a room to differentiating between a sports bar and a Sushi bar have been our great strengths. This has been done by using over a million images and taking them through our ML engine.

The image recognition solution helps us tag images on 4 counts

  1. The photographic quality of the image
  2. The objects in the image
  3. The relevance of the image to the booker’s persona
  4. Tagging & cataloging the image to ensure that it shows up at the right time during the booking process

Our successful build and delivery of this solution to one of the world’s largest travel content providers, where we helped them tag over 5 million images with smart intelligence behind each of them have given us the confidence to scale this business to OTAs and Hotel Chains.

If you are a Hotel Chain or an OTA, click here to get in touch with us to understand this inexpensive solution and how this can help improve your lookers to bookers. In the coming week, we will talk about how we have built a customized video solution for hotels, which can build a collage of images based on traveler personas.