Nov 23

Common Sense approach to managing your Hotel’s Online Reputation

Many companies that thrive on encouraging travellers to write reviews are now having a challenge in ensuring sanity in the system due to their inability to track real and unreal reviews. Few months back, Steve Kaufer, the CEO of TripAdvisor wrote an open communication to hotels about the mushrooming of a number of companies that are promoting their ability to increase positive (and maybe fake) reviews on content sites like TripAdvisor with an unfair promise to improve the hotels rating on their sites

As KePSLA we would like to give our bit of advice to hoteliers who are looking at quick fix solutions to resolve their issues with their online “reputation”.

Your reputation is not to be managed as an independent activity. It is a reflection of your brand, your business ethics and customer focus. It cannot be window dressed or managed and will always reflect based on how the rest of your organisation thinks & ticks. So do not get carried away by fly-by-night companies who promise to improve your reputation by unfair methods, but instead focus on long term solutions like the one KePSLA offers

Here are some thoughts that we have on Reputation Management

It must be clearly understood that Reputation Management companies cannot improve hotel rankings on OTAs and content sites. The only and right way to improve your rating is by being proactive and asking your guests who have stayed at your hotel to write a review on their stay. The KePSLA Feedback Management solution is created to ensure that your Guest’s have an opportunity to rate all services that they experience in the hotel. Prompt actions by your hotel will ensure that your guests are happy when they check out and write positive reviews. By increasing your reviews both in quantity & quality on all internet venues will improve rankings and visibility. Ranking well on key sites is extremely important and will help you get more bookings.

Today’s travellers are smart and savvy. They can easily spot a false review and this can have a very negative impact on your business. Every review you receive should be from a genuine hotel guest. A good review should be highlighted because your team has worked hard to earn it! What hotels should be doing is shouting a bit louder about their great feedback. Reviews should be posted on your Web Pages & social media networks. The KePSLA feedback management system has various features that are built to grow and market your reviews effectively. It is important that you advertise to the world on how awesome your hotel is.

In the event that your hotel is engaging with companies that post false reviews you may be in for severe punishment by important websites like Google & TripAdvisor. The punishment can be as severe as suspension of your account. Any unusual increase in reviews, especially positive ones will raise the suspension of these sites and will lead to an investigation on the genuineness of the reviews. If your reviews are legitimate & real you have nothing to worry about, but if they are false or are coming from a single source / IP address it can mean trouble for you. Best practice is to implement a process to get a review from every single guest that stays at your hotel.

So Reputation Management is wrong, much like Anger Management.

KePSLA gives solutions & commitments to optimize on four extremely important aspects of the hotel business, by looking at Guest Reviews & Ratings. They are:

  1. Increase business and grow volumes by a minimum of Rs 144,000 per month
  2. Grow revenues from repeat customers by a minimum of Rs 80,500 per month
  3. Reduce distribution cost by Rs 48,000 per month &
  4. Reduce manpower cost by Rs 9350 per month

(All of the above data is for any 3 star+ hotel with up to 40 rooms. Higher the star rating and higher the rooms, these numbers will only increase)

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