Sep 13
Different ways to improve Guest Satisfaction

Different ways to improve Guest Satisfaction!

Guest satisfaction should be a top priority at any given point of time for hoteliers, irrespective of whether they are managing a large chain of luxury hotels or an intimate property in the woods. Your guests are the most powerful marketing tool for your property.

Consider that your guests have a good experience, they are going to recommend the property to their friends, family and share their experience on social media as well. Based on how well its narrated it can go viral as well. A hashtag, tagging a hotel can make a huge impact on the quality guest experience. Similarly, a negative guest experience will still be expressed in the form of reviews which also goes an extra mile for people to know how good the hotel’s experience could be.


Why improve guest experience?

How can you provide a good experience for guests?

Delivering a good guest experience is a key to impressing your hotel guests which in a way ensures repeated booking, indulge in loyalty programs and of course maintains the revenue. Here are a few tips for it,

  • Guest experience measure starts long before they arrive

Creating a mobile-friendly website that offers visual appeal and social media proof of the experience as they will enjoy the stay. Increased website load time, valuable content on every page, and adding “BOOK NOW” type of call to action buttons increase value to your hotel. The guest looks up the hotel online they will immediately develop a good or bad sort of opinion, hence the brand will have a major impact on the guest experience. With KePSLA feedback you can capture Guest Preferences even before they Check-in with emails which help you design the perfect guest experience.

  • Proactively respond to guest feedback

When automated emails are sent out with guest satisfaction surveys, you are proving to your guests that you want more information about their stay. While you accept and promote your online reviews, you are showing your guests as well as the other travellers that you value the opinion of your guests and you are willing to take an extra step to deliver quality customer service

  • Try connecting with your guests on a personal level

Customization in booking forms could help you get an insight about the people staying at your hotel. Add small detailing and touches that personalize the experience while your guest is staying with you. Such small gestures will significantly improve their overall opinion of your property and of course, guests will remember such experiences to come back.

  • Future decisions based on guest feedback

The feedback the guest provide is the experience the guest provides, and this needs to be a guide to the future decisions at your property. You also can use booking data and marketing data to finalise decisions for upgrading amenities, creating events, designing promotions and more. Not only will this help you make the best decisions and use your resources wisely, but it will show your past, present and future guest from whom we could take valuable insights.

KePSLA – feedback management enhances guest experiences with real-time feedback collection. It provides end to end the guest journey at a hotel. It gathers valuable insights about your guest’s experience with customizable survey solution to deliver better satisfaction. To learn more about the core features of the product Click here