Apr 05

Does Feedback Management Affect Consumer Psycology & Increase Revenue?

A lot of Hoteliers are in a dilemma if feedback management impacts their business in some way and increases revenue in some way or the other. They are clueless if it’s a boon or a pain.

“I remember the last time I had been to Goa for my vacation where I stayed for 4 days and 3 nights. The ambience was good, the room was kept clean, the front office was friendly; despite all these the food was horrible. I wasn’t sure if I was going to choose the same hotel for my next stay due to the food quality and for some odd reasons I didn’t feel like putting up my feedback to the front office as I wasn’t sure if it would even be considered.

I was about to check out and that’s when a front office staff popped from his seat and handed over a Tablet (a part of their Feedback Management Process) and I became curious. It had a neatly designed questionnaire powered by KePSLA that covered all aspects of my stay. As I scrolled through the questions I reached a part where it asked me to rate their food quality and I became stringent for a moment and I gave my reason as well. A few days later I received a mail from the hotel, thanking me for my feedback and assured me that it had started working on improving its food quality and offered me a 10% off on my next stay. Well, that was unexpected. This made me feel important and of course, I am staying at the same hotel for my next trip ” says a frequent traveller and a happy customer.

Then comes a question….

What if all my customers are happy? Do I still need feedback Management?

Unless you have 100% customer satisfaction …you must improve

Horst Schulze, Ritz Carlton.

With no second thought, you still need feedback management and it still can increase revenue. Firstly, it identifies how satisfied your customers are. It gives a quantitative output. Second, it also makes your customer feel important and makes him an advocate for your organisation. This, in turn, brings you a lot of return customers and it’s a well-known fact that customers are 40% more profitable than new customers. Thus, a Feedback Management process cannot be ignored by a Hotel so easily and its benefits outweigh on a large scale the effort taken to collect them.

The verdict here is, Feedback Management tool can

  • Increase revenue by 30% (as per successful hoteliers)
  • Increase return visitors
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Turn customers into Loyal advocates of your Hotel
  • Collect Qualitative and Quantitative feedback
  • Improve hotel stay experience

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