Sep 14

Getting a genie to work for you

Crumbling city infrastructure has made us all reduce inter-city travel to its bare necessity. Here is where tools like can take over what you and I were so used to doing as part of our routine. I have on my phone and do look up to them as my first source of information, considering it’s easier to ping for help rather than call.

One concern with the product is its high dependence on ‘assistants’. The challenges of handling a large team while ensuring quality is going to be tough. Their ability to reply to customers’ queries quickly is going to be critical. I would personally not like to wait for more than two minutes to get a response to a query. Maybe, here is where the JustDial model scores.

As they get more customer data, I am sure would build stronger abilities to improve efficiencies around response time, better utilisation of their agents, quality of response and improved conversion rates. As a concept, I love the fact that I do not have to run around to find my otherwise routine tasks done in today’s busy life.

Deepak Mavinkurve, founder and chief executive, RepuFact

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