Jul 26
Growth of Indian Travel Market

Growth of Indian Travel Market [Infographic]

Growth of Indian Travel Market


India’s travel and tourism industry have great scope. In recent years due increase in mobile and the spread of technology to a wide range of people, the travel industry has become one of the fastest-growing in India. India’s rising middle class and increasing disposable incomes have continued to support the growth of domestic and outbound tourism.
According to a recent report published by Google India along with Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Indian domestic travel market will become a $48 billion industry by 2020. The report titled, Demystifying the Indian Online Traveller explains the decision-making journey of the Indian traveller showing the growth opportunities for travel businesses.
On average, each consumer who travel spend 49 minutes spread over 46 days, visiting as many as 17 different online touchpoints to plan, research and make a booking. But each of these sessions lasts less than 3 minutes. This is because largely most of the consumers use smartphones for their research. Moreover, 50% and above people prefer booking online due to better deals and convenience.
Hence, it is very important for hotels and other travel businesses to have a good online presence and good brand reputation.

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