Nov 05
Indian Express

How Loved is Your Hotel? Ask This Team

BENGALURU: Ramanashree, a hotel on Brunton Road, saw its rank fall from 75 to 120. They wondered why and came to know that the manager had been on leave for a week. Small details from the daily routine could impact the business of a hotel.

RepuFact went live in September this year, helps hotels keep a check on these and update their services. It provides a platform where user-generated reviews from across 124 websites in more than 20 international languages are collected, quantified and simplified for the hotels.

Mumbai-based Mango group decided to have scores for each department after using the RepuFact analysis. Members of each department would be promoted or awarded with incentives based on these scores.

Deepak Mavinkurve, founder, RepuFact said, “Hospitality industry has grown significantly. A customer decides to spend not just based on pictures or rates but also based on reviews by other customers. RepuFact helps the hotels respond to the customer reviews directly and hence improve user experience. They can thank them for the positive feedback or apologize for any negative comments that they received.”

Deepak who was a founding member of one of the leading online travel portals found a huge gap in the tourism and hospitality sector. The airlines and the hotels were unable to connect to the customers directly. He says that this is the challenge the hotel industry is still facing. Twenty to thirty percent of the transaction costs would go to the intermediary. RepuFact thus serves as a solution to these hotels to connect to their customers directly.

The platform caters to all kinds of hotels, the smallest being a 16-room hotel and the largest being a 300-room one, both in Goa.

It not only helps the hotels to monitor and respond to customer reviews and feedback but also analyses them to improve their user experience. A budget hotel in Mumbai observed that they were getting positive feedback after they improved the maintenance and cleanliness of their common toilets.

Then there is the bias towards negative feedback. “It is probably an Indian mentality to write mostly about what whets wrong,” said Deepak. “But when we ask them to rank a hotel on the scale of 5, they mostly give good scores. It was interesting to learn from them that they like to highlight only what is wrong. Very few appreciate the services of a hotel,” he said.

RepuFact has over 94 clients in India and is in talks with hotels in Brazil and Indonesia.

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