Aug 09
IDS Next Pulse247 now with KePSLA's Review Intelligence

IDS Next Pulze247 – Now also a Review Analytics tool with KePSLA!

There is nothing more important for a hotelier than guest experience and satisfaction. In a world where hotels need to compete in terms of pricing and quality, an exceptional experience is what sets the hotel apart. But due to time constraints, lack of manpower and proper strategy many hotels find it difficult to make guest satisfaction a priority in this business.

To make this hassle-free & easy, KePSLA’s analytical toolReview Intelligence is integrated into IDS Next’s Puls a mobile app, which is a user-friendly and an interesting business solution to make tracking, reporting and developing guest satisfaction a cake-walk.

Pulze247, a real-time data analytics app that allows supervisors / general managers/hotel owners to view business-critical data in real-time at their fingertips.



KePSLA’s Review Intelligence is now available to all IDS Next’s Pulze247 customers. The following are few features that help a hotelier, walk through day to day problems with guest experiences and reputation management.

  • Comprehensive Dashboard
  • Single screen to track all the reviews and social mentions
  • Track each department and KPI and compare the competition
  • Respond to all reviews directly from the dashboard

Here are a few advantages of using Review Intelligence daily.

  • Reduced Distribution Cost
  • Proven Improvement in rankings
  • Drive repeat bookings
  • Increase in the number of positive reviews, which further increases rankings on OTA’s & review sites.

Generating bookings through your website and OTAs is the key factor to survive in the competitive hospitality and travel industry. With Review Intelligence, optimizing your property with good rankings and bookings is possible and, the dependency on OTAs could also reduce which could increase a significant margin.

IDS Next has been one of KePSLA’s strongest partners. We are delighted with the results that this has bought to both of our customers and will continue to look at many more ways to add value to the IDS customer base and their products. We are convinced that as our industry gets more data-aware, solutions like ours when combined with powerful Hotel ERPs will add tremendous value to the industry to resolve issues around improving direct bookings, identifying opportunities to grow RevPAR while increasing customer engagement” said Deepak Mavinkurve – Founder and CEO of KePSLA.

“Reviews make or break a traveller’s decision. In this hyper-connected generation, maintaining a good online reputation is of paramount importance for any hotel brand. KePSLA’s review intelligence product is perfectly positioned to enable hoteliers to manage their online reputation. We are delighted to partner with KePSLA to take this solution to our customers” — Binu Mathews, CEO of IDS Next.

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