Apr 04

KePSLA to invest in technology up-gradation to service more B2B customers

After its recent rebranding from RepuFact to KePSLA, the Bengaluru-based Reputation Management and Analytics Company will now be focusing on upgrading their technology strength to service more B2B customers like OTAs, TMCs, and Hotels onboard. Currently, KePSLA has over 2,800 industry customers live on their channel, and according to Deepak Mavinkurve, Founder & CEO, they are expecting it to take it to about 9,000 customers by June this year. “We have our customer base ready. We only have to expand our technology to get so many of them live now. We are currently in the process of expanding and strengthening our technology base,” he said.
RepuFact, launched in September 2015, has rebranded as KePSLA recently as part of enlarging its services beyond Reputation management to become an Analytics company in the travel and hospitality domain. The company has got funding of about a million US dollars from San Francisco based Zapcom, a travel technology company. “One of the conditions of the funding was the rebranding of the company,” informed Mavinkurve. “People looked at us as a reputable company. We wanted to go beyond just reputation and establish ourselves as an analytics company in the travel and hospitality domain,” he added.
KePSLA he said, stands for Key Performance Scores and Lexical Analytics.
He said that KePSLA works with and supports Online Travel Agents (OTAs), Travel Management Companies (TMCs) and Destinations to offer intuitive search results based on user-generated content. “If a woman business traveler wants to find out an ideal hotel that is safe and secure and meets her requirements, there is no tool available today. We use our wealth of user-generated content to help Online travel companies to find the perfect result for the query,” he said.
He said that a lot of focus has gone into “machine learning,” by which any review can be fed into their system which can analyze the persona of the reviewer. “This is a technology we have developed inhouse,” he said.
KePSLA aggregates and analyses customer-generated reviews and related content to present meaningful and actionable insights to businesses which can then be used for measuring and improvising product & services, enhancing online shopping decisions and promoting customer-centric culture.
KePSLA has signed up Paytm, Amex, etc. to offer their services recently.
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