Feb 01
Hotel Trends - 2017

A Look Back – Hotel Trends in 2017

The world of Travel and Hotel industry has entered a new era of growth and transformation in innovation and technology. Forever evolving trends and exceptional hospitality required by the customer is something that the hoteliers need to be upgraded with time since minute factors can incur great loss or greater gain.


Increase in Direct Bookings

In this era of real-time data marketing, SEO, social media marketing etc. hoteliers can easily cost cut the OTA which is 18-24% of the hefty commission and reduce the dependency on OTAs for bookings. A user interface i.e. the hotel’s website, with seamless access to reviews with various options of personas can increase direct bookings. Many hotels have started optimizing their hotel website and are investing more time on digital marketing strategies for increasing direct bookings.

Airbnb type of co-living

There is a new trend of solo travellers these days who expect low cost living with good “hospitality”. Airbnb lets the traveller live in the heart of the local neighbourhood and offers a chance to be introduced to a local host for a homestay experience. This is not only bound to solo travellers even families and couples who travel opt for co-living these days. Even world-renowned hotel brands such as Accor Hotels and Hilton have announced their own concept of co-living to set up the next level of the trend.

In-Room Technology

High-speed internet and high definition flat-screen televisions are the new trend moves for upgrades in a room. The Internet or free Wi-Fi or streaming devices for television is something that most of the hotels today, provide. This might come in handy for guests who would love to spend time binge-watching tv series on Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. There is a lot more to add to technology when it comes to a hotel room such smartphones or similar devices to communicate to the front office or texting a concierge, smart lighting, light sensors, keyless entry etc. These are some fancy features that the hotels have started to implement to attract guests.

Giving meaning to “Hospitality”

“The basics of hospitality have been compromised to make room for innovation, but the best innovation comes from the inside out. Creativity happens when our employees are empowered, and they are not feeling any fear” said Niki Leondakis CEO, Two Roads Hospitality. Increased space for innovation and technology in the hospitality industry has compromised the very meaning of “hospitality”. So, hoteliers have incurred a craze for reputation management and guest feedback. They are spending a quality time to understand the guest sentiments for delivering exactly what the customer wants, when, how and where which increases innovation in hospitality.

Food & Beverages focused guest experience

Trying new and different ways to set up a “sumptuous feast” as guest experience is something to be given a thought about. Nearly 62% of the hotels offer complimentary breakfast, which helps customers select hotels with choice and preference. A vacation cannot be complete without exceptional food spread. In fact, 2017 saw an increase in hotels that not only offer such tremendous food but also that offers cooking classes, culinary demonstrations, wine & beer tasting and more. These activities are offered at luxury hotels with professional chefs who have the finest skills.

Convenience and Comfort

In this smart world era, people always want to save time. Whether it’s an economy class or a 5-star hotel does not matter and mobile check-in via phone is very convenient.  Both convenience and comfort are expected hand in hand to gain a full fletched guest experience. Hilton Honors are come up with a digital check-in with room selection which is available to guests using Hilton Honors app on IOS, Android and Windows. Similarly, many more hotels have come up with this concept and invested a lot to increase guest convenience and comfort.