Dec 21

Monthly Travel & Hospitality Roundup: DECEMBER 2018

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Welcome to KePSLA’s Monthly Travel and Hospitality Roundup. We know it is very tough to keep up with the latest trends and news in the travel biz, so we’d like to help you by putting together latest news and trends from the industry so that you can read it all in one place. Let us know your views in the comment box below and do subscribe to our blog for latest updates. Happy reading!


Expedia’s 2018 Year in Review report highlights the rise of secondary cities, alternative accommodations and culinary experiences

Expedia has analysed number of data points this year which identifies the top trends in travel of the 2018. These results show that the Americans travellers are increasingly interested in unique travel experiences. For more highlights from Expedia’s 2018 Year in the review including trends across the destinations, lodging, air travel and activities. Read More


Hotelbeds Rebrands to Focus on Accommodations

Hotelbeds is a business-to-business wholesaler, supplying accommodations to travel agents, tour operators, and airlines across the world. Hotelbeds consolidated its travel agency business under the Bedsonline brand. Read More


Airbnb’s Grand Travel Ambitions Could Be Taking a Detour

Airbnb executives have talked about the company becoming a “superbrand of travel” and a new-age online travel agency as it mulled launching flights, debuted a tours and activities product, Trips. The company, which has said it would be ready to go public in 2019. Read More


Expedia Sued for Inflating Hotel ‘Taxes and Fees’ on – Travel Pulse

A lawsuit was filed against Expedia today on behalf of consumers. It alleges that Expedia is cheating customers who book and pay for hotel rooms through by inflating a hotel ‘tax and fee.’ Read more


Travel Tech Updates

Asia overtakes US as largest digital travel market

Asia Pacific has overtaken North America as the world’s leading digital travel market, with the booming market led by preferences for mobile messaging and AR/VR technology. Read More


Travelers say technology is key to their travel experience

Travelers rely on their smartphones for every part of their journey from using social media to post or to research on their on-travel places. Mobile remains crucial, but travelers want a consolidated experience on leisure trips, according to the survey. Read More


Hotel Tech Updates

6 trends that could revolutionalise the hospitality industry

Hotels are experiencing great forces of change that are tossing many businesses to the bin. The truth is, every business wants to stay relevant and increase the bottom line. Hospitality industry need to stay open to change and adopt new technological trends that could fire their hotel business to the path of profiteering. How are they doing it? Read more


Hoteliers Blend Tech and an Authentic Experience in 3 Guest Segments:

Softscribe Inc., a leading hotel tech PR firm, shows how hoteliers can blend technology and an authentic guest experience to increase loyalty among Millennials, Baby Boomers and Business Travelers.  Read More


Sentiment versus sentient: Taking conversational AI further in travel

Artificial intelligence applications that are currently being used in the travel and hospitality industries boast a myriad of benefits – from booking flights and hotels to organizing a traveler’s itinerary or suggesting places to visit – all through the platform of your choice. Read More