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KePSLA’s MOT Analysis aims to highlight often hidden customer sentiments at both a tactical and strategic level.

  • Review, Hotel References & Sentiments from all verified & unverified sources

  • KePSLA’s 7-point industry standard score, driven by our patent pending technology

  • Department wise Scores, Performance, Comparisons, Analysis & Market Intelligence

  • KPI Tracker & Analysis

  • Competitor performance, Analysis and Business Intelligence

  • Comparative analysis on a national level with 8500+ hotels.

  • Prescriptive analysis based on industry trends


Understand your Customers

Detailed analysis on customer reviews for 1 year and sentiment scores based on reviews from all verified and unverified sources.

Check how your Departments measure up

Break-down of every Department and KPI along with overall scores and improvement guidelines.

Uncover your Competitors Strategy

Comparison of each department, KPI and reviews against 3 main competitors.

Decoding Guest Sentiments

What your guests’ experience at your hotel not only has a critical business impact but also can open many missed revenue opportunities. These insights are key to hotel management and provide the exact picture of how your hotel stands amongst your competition.

Hotel + Competitor MOT Analysis Report


  • 1 year analysis

  • Verified & Unverified Review Analysis

  • Sentiment analysis of references

  • Department level score cards

  • Department wise Performance & Comparisons

  • Departmental Analysis, Market Intelligence and Business drivers

  • KPI Tracker & Analysis

  • Competitor performance, Analysis and Business Intelligence

  • Prescriptive analysis based on industry trends

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As a chain with multiple properties & multiple locations, we have a challenge at the head office to get a single dashboard view of our customer sentiment. KepSLA solves this for us. Our colleagues in the various locations can also immediately reply to reviews spread over different booking and review sites, which saves them a lot of time.

An-Sofie Nédée Corsendonk | Belgium

KePSLA has been able to solve one of our biggest challenges when it comes to replying to guest reviews. For our business, it is of paramount importance to ensure 100% guest satisfaction. We believe that we should be replying to all guest reviews, be it positive or negative within our internally acceptable KRAs. KePSLA has done a seamless integration of its engine with all our OTA extranets which helps us use a single screen to complete all replies. Some of the big advantages that we see with this feature are (a) our login/password of extranets are secure with key personnel and we do not have to share it with the front office as they contain cash value information (b) This saves a lot of time for our front office who do not have to log into multiple sources and reply separately. Interestingly KePSLA also takes care of the translation of non-English reviews. (c) As management, we have clear data to tell us how promptly the reply has been reverted too. We look forward to working with KePSLA and are looking to see the multiple other innovations that they are bringing into this product

Saurabh Bhattacharya LEVA Hotel | Mazaya Centre

As a beach resort in a very competitive market, we must be on our toes to not only improve our services but also to keep track of our competitors. KePSLA’s comparative analysis solution is a brilliant option for us to understand our close competition and take both tactical and strategic decisions based on their data. We look forward to seeing competition trends defined at both a macro and micro level in a beautifully arranged table. This is a key discussion point for us in our weekly management meetings.we also appreciate all the assistance and support we’ve gotten from Kepsla in regards to our customization requests!

Soumya Bellubi Palm Beach Hotel | Vizag

The deep analysis of Department and KPI that KePSLA Hotel Management Software offers seems to a unique and useful feature for us. This has really helped us understand our weaknesses and strengths at a very gradual level.

Mr. Vivek Ananth Hotel Manager , Hotel Clarion, Chennai

Since we are a leisure destination, our peak period is limited. We must ensure that we optimize this period well. KePSLA Hotel Management Software helps us to track every review across all languages and reply to them. We are confident that we have heard  answered all customer complaints and compliments with care, due to their product.

Mr.Pankaj Gupta DGM Marketing at MAYFAIR Hotels & Resorts

A large part of our customers are young and social media savvy. From the many similar products that we have seen KePSLA’s feed from social media like Facebook, Google etc is the best and helps us track and manage customers promptly

Mr.Vishal Kamat Director - Kamat Group & CEO (Fort Jadhavgadh)

We have been working on the KePSLA review Intelligence product for over one year now and find it to be an extremely simple and practical solution. Their feature of viewing & answering all reviews from a a single screen is a big advantage for a small hotel like ours. It saves me precious time and helps me focus on many other tasks that I have as a proprietor of this hotel.

Mr.Nahiem Verkumb Owner & Director, Arafa Inn, Bangalore