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Understand where the hospitality industry is heading
May 30, 2020| 11:30AM IST
As we continue to hear the term ‘new normal’, what does it mean for the travel and hospitality industry? What are the key concerns and challenges you are facing as a hotel business?
To get a clear understanding of where we are moving as an industry, we invite you to participate in an ‘Open Mic Discussion’ where we talk about this new normal. Please share your concerns and questions with us through this link so we can address them during the session
We also aim to cover a couple of topics that we have received during our discussions with hoteliers. Join us to discuss how hotels and other travel businesses can stay buoyant and come out stronger when the recovery starts.
In this session, we will discuss:
  • The power of cost-effective technology in today’s tough times
  • Hyper personalization for the guests – Do’s and Don’ts
  • Knowing your new source markets in the post COVID world
  • Q&A – open mic discussion
We welcome you to this session. Please join us for a productive discussion.