May 03
Pre check-In

Personalize your Guest Experience at your hotel with KePSLA 

Improve the guest experience and offer personalized services with KePSLA new Pre Check-in email services. A good percentage of guests do not like to call or make a conversation for their requirements in the hotel or room. KePSLA’s Pre Check-in email services allow the guest to take a survey and provide their requirements to the hotel staff prior to their arrival at the hotel. The guests can also use this option to update their requirements while they stay at the hotel.

This is one of the new ways which is gaining popularity in recent years to collect customer data and preferences through surveys so that the hotel can tailor the guest experience to suit each customer. Many of KePSLA’s clients are using this system, which is already beta tested and finds it very convenient to have their customer fill a survey form.

Pre Check-In

Here’s how KePSLA’s Pre Check-In Email Surveys work,

  • The hotel receives a booking, it can be a direct booking or through travel agents or OTA.
  • An email is sent on the hotel’s behalf to the guest with the booking confirmation and a link to the hotel’s survey form.
  • The guest clicks on the links and completes the Pre-stay guest survey via mobile or desktop provides preferences/requirements for the stay.
  • The hotel gets the requirements through the guest survey and can now provide personalised assistance according to the customer’s preference and be prepared for the required services beforehand.
  • The pre-arrival guest survey can also be used by the hotel to upsell rooms, offer promotions and discounts according to the guest requirement. This helps the guest to decide before check-in if he wants to upgrade a room or choose certain amenities at a discounted price.

KePSLA Pre Check-In provides a customisable customer survey form that helps hotel tailor their customers experience during the stay. This is also one of the best ways of getting customer feedback and to improve the customer experience at a hotel.

KePSLA Pre Check-In email surveys are a part of KePSLA Feedback Management and to sign-up or get a demo for this feature, Please CLICK HERE to know more.