Use customer's feedback to improvise, strategize and grow

Decode and analyse guest reviews with our user-friendly review analysis solution and influence your rankings and ratings globally!

People Influence People

We enable you to leverage the information in an analytical manner and align the same with your business objectives. Our actionable insights will help you take better and prompt decisions and transform your guest experience.

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Core Features

Performance Scores

Evaluate your organisational strength with well formulated scores derived from more than 120 sites globally through Review Intelligence. Assess overall global performance at business level with “Credibility Index” and deep-link the parameters with individual scores to Departments,KPI, Review Source and Languages.

Decoding Customer Sentiments

Get sentiment scores on customer’s expressions and references in a review which are tagged to our keyword banks designed specifically for hospitality segment. User friendly colour and emoticon designators to identify Positive, Neutral and Negative sentiments.

Trade Reviews & Social Mentions

Aggregating customer specific reviews from a source base of 120+ sites categorised by Hospitality Trade to ensure high data relevancy. Monitor social mentions from popular channels sourced from your Private pages as well as across public posts with our Review Intelligence.

Respond to Reviews

Whether you have to write directly to the customers or simply communicate with the site admin OR post replies to reviews directly onsite, all this is made possible in KePSLA Review Intelligence with simple action features tagged to each review.

Synchronize Customer Inputs

Our flexible data integration process and interface allows an easy handshake with multiple touchpoint systems like PMS, CRM, CRS, Loyalty, Channel Managers etc. Blend your customer centric data with our in depth analytics to enhance decision making.

Understand Competition

Our Review Intelligence tool tracks your competition on parameters that matter to you. We understand what drives their success and impacts their weakness as perceived by their customers. We then help you compare this with your features to build strategically superior products.

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