Jul 03

Traveler Types & Their Destination [Infographic]


Everyone enjoys a good holiday, an escape from the busy daily routines. Whether you are a business traveller, the devotional traveller, the family guy, the backpacker or the thrill-seeker; we all travel at some point of time.
We at KePSLA, a review intelligence and travel recommendation engine have brought you insights and data on different traveller types and travel trends.
The insights are based on the data collected by KePSLA over 3 months (FEB, MAR, APR of 2017). Check out the top travel type, best time to travel for each and the top 5 states in India for each travel type.
The leisure travel industry made it at the top due to the summer holiday season followed by the business traveler, pilgrimage and people who do a bit of both.
So, what kind of traveler are you? Do share and leave your comments below!