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Increase your Hotel's Reviews, Ratings & Rankings on TripAdvisor

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Hotels using TripAdvisor Review Collection had increase in reviews from 30 to 80%.

Resulted in 25% increase in clicks to hotel website.

Feedback Collection made easy!

TripAdvisor rankings are calculated based on ratings,number of reviews and freshness of the review. we help you to improve all the 3 factors.

  • Simple 2 step review collection process.
  • Increase in Guest response rate
  • Quick and Easy PMS Integration

How it works?

Step 1:


Step 2:


  • Handover your device with KePSLA
    Feedback App to your Guest.
  • Customer Details are already pre-populated from the PMS
  • Guest begins to give his hotel rating and review
  • Guest receives an email with link to complete the review on TripAdvisor.
  • All the fields are already pre-filled and presented to guest to review.
  • Once completed and submitted the review is published on TripAdvisor.


Saves Time

Simple and quick feedback collection process saves time.

Better Response Rate

Pre-populating the post checkout surveys with guest answers from before checkout increase survey response rate!

Increased Booking

More reviews & ratings on TripAdvisor increases the traffic to hotel's website and direct bookings.


What our clients say

The deep analysis of Department and KPI that KePSLA Hotel Management Software offers seems to a unique and useful feature for us. This has really helped us understand our weaknesses and strengths at a very gradual level.

Mr. Vivek Ananth Hotel Manager , Hotel Clarion, Chennai

Since we are a leisure destination, our peak period is limited. We must ensure that we optimize this period well. KePSLA Hotel Management Software helps us to track every review across all languages and reply to them. We are confident that we have heard  answered all customer complaints and compliments with care, due to their product.

Mr.Pankaj Gupta DGM Marketing at MAYFAIR Hotels & Resorts

A large part of our customers are young and social media savvy. From the many similar products that we have seen KePSLA’s feed from social media like Facebook, Google etc is the best and helps us track and manage customers promptly

Mr.Vishal Kamat Director - Kamat Group & CEO (Fort Jadhavgadh)

We have been working on the KePSLA review Intelligence product for over one year now and find it to be an extremely simple and practical solution. Their feature of viewing & answering all reviews from a a single screen is a big advantage for a small hotel like ours. It saves me precious time and helps me focus on many other tasks that I have as a proprietor of this hotel.

Mr.Nahiem Verkumb Owner & Director, Arafa Inn, Bangalore