Display Persona Aligned Visual Videos and Images Real-time To Maximize Conversions

Leverage Visual Experience Technology Built With AI and Machine Learning

Maximize the opportunity to drive online bookings by powering the search algorithm on your website with KepSLA’s Visual Experience Technology.

KepSLA’s Intelligent Visual Experience Technology matches the persona of the traveller / guest visiting your website with the inventory of videos and images available in the back end. This creates different promos of your hotel/stay experiences that exactly match what the guest /traveller is looking for.

The technology is dynamic because it quickly designs videos and images aligned to each guests’ persona in such a manner that guests with different personas see different video and image promos of the hotel during the same session.

Using Machine learning & Artificial intelligence, our APIs extract details from an image, which are used to segment and categorize images according to requirement.

Environment API
Weather API
Places API